2nd Call Interview Questions

Stage 1: Greeting, Bonding and Rapport

During the first stage of relationship building, the first step is to establish a bond with your prospect. This should encourage open and honest communication.
- Make sure you ask if this is still a good time for them. If not reschedule them.
- Talk about the weather, ask how their day has been, get them to chat and show an interest in them.

Stage 2: Up Front Contract

The second step in the relationship-building process is to establish roles and set expectations.During this phase, it's important to set ground rules and create a comfortable environment within which to do business.
Set out how the meeting will go forward.
- I'm going to talk about what we do and why our clients love us. I’m going to do this upfront so if this is not what you are looking for we don't waste your time.
- Im then going to ask some questions about your business so we understand your situation and what you truly need and want
- Some of the questions may be difficult to answer, such as some technical questions about your marketing and business, what challenges you face, how those challenges affect your business and more importantly you personally. We will ask about your budget, you have to address these challenges and finally I ask that at the end we make a decision to move forward or not. It's ok to not move forward, we are all adults, we can handle rejection. Are you ok with this?

Stage 3: What we do and why our clients love us

We are extremely good at helping {Insert Niche Here} like yourself, reach {Insert Target Audience} in their local community in between a 10-20 mile radius. We are very effective at communicating their message with their local community which causes immediate engagement and business. More importantly over time their business will become a household name in their community, causing any {Target Audience} to think of their business 1st when they are deciding to do business with {Niche Service}. We ultimately scale their business and in many chases doubles or triples their business sustainably over time. We do this by using Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing, Text marketing, SEO and other services to get them there. We are great at it. Is this what you are looking for?

{If they say yes} Great, so now we have that out of the way. Are you ok with me asking some questions about your business so I can learn more about how we can help you and what you need.


Stage 4: Pain Questions

Stage 5: Budget

If I take this back to my team and they say we can get you the results you are looking for what kind of budget will you give them to get there.

Money: you will need to be prepared to ask 3 or more questions to get these answers. You might try…

a. What budget has been established for fixing these problems?
b. What were you hoping the investment would be to fix these problems.
c. Other clients with similar problems saw themselves investing between “$850 and $3000” dollars, let’s pretend that was appropriate here, is that even Possible and Available?

Stage 6: Decision

If I take this to my team and they decide they look at the information shared here and decide they can help you for the budget you just shared with me will you move forward, so we can get to work helping you?

If they say “No” ask them why or what it is they are uncertain about or unhappy with. Dig into the objection and address their concern. If they say “Yes” ask them if they are available tomorrow or the day after to have a 2nd call with you so you can present what the team wants to do to hit their goals.

Tell them that you will pencil in the date and time now but will email and text them as soon as the team gets back to you tonight or 1st thing in the morning to confirm the call or cancel if they don’t feel they can help.

Confirm if they have any 3rd parties, Partners, Spouses that should be on the call and book the call.

Thank them for their time and tell them you look forward to speaking with them tomorrow (or date) at time booked.
1 Not Going to be a customer - 2 50/50 Maybe - 3 Yes, High Likelihood they will be a customer