2nd Opinion Marketing Audit

Are you ready to finally get control over those areas of your marketing which are bothering you the most? In other words, are you ready to stop the bleeding?

Our 2nd Opinion Audit will address the urgent issues with your current digital marketing activities and give you a 60 day turnaround plan that you can implement immediately.

Get the ANSWERS YOU NEED and a 60 DAY TURNAROUND PLAN without the sales pitch.

What's in it for you?

  • Finally get some answers about why your digital marketing isn't working!
  • One hour Strategy Assessment via GoToMeeting to evaluate ongoing activities where we review each item on our Digital Marketing Checklist
  • Review your current marketing contracts including performance, ROI & contract options.
  • Full Technical Audit of your website, content, social properties & paid advertising campaigns
  • 60 Day Turnaround Plan
  • Long Term Recommendations
  • No obligation - share the findings with your current vendor or implement them yourself!