Could your law practice use a boost? Over the last 10+ years, we have developed a proprietary system for digital marketing that merges creative ideas with strategies that work when it comes to getting local SEO results in the legal marketing niche. And now, we’re giving it to YOU! What types of law firms benefit
Clients often want us to analyze what their competitors are doing in marketing. Jewelers are no different. But here’s a little secret: Just because other jewelers are doing certain things in digital marketing doesn’t mean it’s actually working. Over the last few years I’ve noticed many good jewelers are missing 3 key elements in their
Local fine jewelry retailers have lots of marketing strategies to choose from including mass media (radio, TV & billboards) and many digital marketing strategies like local SEO, pay per click and social media. If you had an unlimited marketing budget, you could fund them all properly. But most people don’t – leaving you with tough
Evaluating ROI on specific marketing channels for local fine jewelers is TOUGH! What you really want from your marketing is foot traffic in your stores so your team can do their thing, and maybe some online sales as a bonus. The problem is, your digital marketing reports give you all kinds of information that doesn’t
It’s easy to speak in generalities when it comes to marketing. But it doesn’t help potential customers decide if you’re the one for them. For instance, you can say “we offer amazing service”, but no one knows what that means. Plus, everybody says that. We recently worked with a scrap metal recycling company who told
I recently served as a moderator of a roundtable discussion at the SMPS marketing conference in New Orleans. Over a span of 3 hours, I had the chance to hear from 55 different business owners about what was happening in their business on the social media front. We had some great discussions and I learned
Business people have a soft spot in their hearts for MailChimp. I suspect it has something to do with their “Forever Free” plan?😂 But if you’re using MailChimp, Aweber or several other email noteable marketing providers, there’s a good chance you may not be reaching as many of the people on your lists as you
Our friends over at Google are really good at what they do. Their stock price is over $1,000 a share. But even they make mistakes sometimes… the kind you can learn from. Google just announced the shut down of Google Plus, their social network originally created in hopes of rivaling Facebook as a social platform.
What Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel teach us about marketing
You may not remember Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel as the name of a popular children’s book. Read a few lines from the story and I’ll bet that triggers your memory. It’s a wonderful story about a man and his trusty steam shovel who are kicked to the curb by innovation – only to
Around this time of year, we’re all looking at our 2018 stats – what we accomplished last year, what we could have done better – as well as our 2019 goals and which affective changes we can make that will allow us to reach them. Money always seems to come up almost immediately. How much