Reviews, or what I call “social proof” are a BIG deal these days. Especially if you want people to spend thousands of dollars with you on a highly emotional purchase like jewelry. You can bring people to your website or social profiles. But if they Google your company name and you don’t have many reviews,
What is the Best Traffic Source for Local Jewelers?
What’s the BEST digital marketing traffic source for local jewelers? Is it local search (SEO)? Is it Google Ads (PPC)? Is it social media? And if so, which platforms work best? The truth is, it all depends on you and your business. And, it depends on how you measure success. In this episode, we’ll discuss
I’ve talked to quite a few jewelers lately who say they’re done with Facebook ads. Here are some of the reasons they’ve given: “People have lost confidence in Facebook after the data breach scandal.” “Our customers are on Instagram.” “People aren’t looking for jewelry on Facebook.” “We tried it and just didn’t work for us.”
What’s the Point of Facebook Ads if You Can’t Track Online Sales?
Digital marketers have been telling you it’s possible to track everything when it comes to digital marketing. By now you know that’s not really true. E-commerce based jewelers have an easy time tracking ROI from Facebook. Take your online sales and divide by your ad budget. Presto: ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) But what if
Let’s be honest. You need more business. And, you believe in digital marketing. But it’s not producing the results you want, and you still don’t understand why… I get it. Digital marketing IS hard. More specifically, it’s COMPLICATED. Like, melt your brain complicated. As soon as you think you have one strategy mastered, another comes
Could your law practice use a boost? Over the last 10+ years, we have developed a proprietary system for digital marketing that merges creative ideas with strategies that work when it comes to getting local SEO results in the legal marketing niche. And now, we’re giving it to YOU! What types of law firms benefit
Clients often want us to analyze what their competitors are doing in marketing. Jewelers are no different. But here’s a little secret: Just because other jewelers are doing certain things in digital marketing doesn’t mean it’s actually working. Over the last few years I’ve noticed many good jewelers are missing 3 key elements in their
Local fine jewelry retailers have lots of marketing strategies to choose from including mass media (radio, TV & billboards) and many digital marketing strategies like local SEO, pay per click and social media. If you had an unlimited marketing budget, you could fund them all properly. But most people don’t – leaving you with tough
Evaluating ROI on specific marketing channels for local fine jewelers is TOUGH! What you really want from your marketing is foot traffic in your stores so your team can do their thing, and maybe some online sales as a bonus. The problem is, your digital marketing reports give you all kinds of information that doesn’t

Tell people what you don’t do

It’s easy to speak in generalities when it comes to marketing. But it doesn’t help potential customers decide if you’re the one for them. For instance, you can say “we offer amazing service”, but no one knows what that means. Plus, everybody says that. We recently worked with a scrap metal recycling company who told