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Jewelry & retailers have a lot of decisions to make right now. Do you stay open? What about staffing or changing your hours? The good news is that high-end retailers like jewelers don’t necessarily have the crowd concerns to deal with that large retailers (like malls) do. But the question everyone seems to be asking
Do you work in a generational business? Maybe you’re the founder, and your kids work in the business. Or maybe your Mom or Dad started the business and you’re working hard hoping to one day take over & run the business the way you think is best? Sounds simple, but you know it’s not. Family
How chatbots help jewelers grow their business - quickly
Have you ever interacted with a chatbot on a website or social media ad? If it’s done well, it’s a pretty cool user experience. It sucks when it’s done poorly. Today, we’re going to share with you tips & advice on how local jewelers can use chatbots to grow their business. If you’re not using
How Can Jewelry Retailers Benefit from Marketing Automation? - Podcast Episode 6
Do you find yourself spending too much time and money doing the same marketing tasks over and over again? If so, it may be time to start automating some tasks in your business! In this week’s episode of the High Level Thinking podcast, Andre’ sits down with Skip Shean to discuss Marketing Automation. Skip Shean
How Can Multi-Channel Marketing Benefit Local Jewelers?
We often get the question, “What is the best channel for local jewelers to advertise on?” Is it Social Media? Radio? Paid Search? Direct Mail? We actually recommend advertising across several channels to reach your audience in different ways. This is a strategy we call Multi-Channel Marketing. This week Andre’ sits down with Greg Swanson
Do Facebook Ads Really Work for Jewelry Retailers
I keep hearing this over and over again from jewelers:  “I’ve tried Facebook Ads, but didn’t see the results I wanted.” There are usually a few common threads as to WHY, and this week week on the High Level Thinking podcast, Andre’ sits down with one of the leading Facebook marketers in the world in
Influencer Marketing For Jewelers
There is no doubt jewelers have been hearing more and more about “influencer marketing” over the past few years. But what exactly is an “influencer” anyway? Can they really help you grow your jewelry retail or online business and reach new audiences? In episode 3 of the High Level Thinking podcast we sit down with
Reviews, or what I call “social proof” are a BIG deal these days. Especially if you want people to spend thousands of dollars with you on a highly emotional purchase like jewelry. You can bring people to your website or social profiles. But if they Google your company name and you don’t have many reviews,
What is the Best Traffic Source for Local Jewelers?
What’s the BEST digital marketing traffic source for local jewelers? Is it local search (SEO)? Is it Google Ads (PPC)? Is it social media? And if so, which platforms work best? The truth is, it all depends on you and your business. And, it depends on how you measure success. In this episode, we’ll discuss
I’ve talked to quite a few jewelers lately who say they’re done with Facebook ads. Here are some of the reasons they’ve given: “People have lost confidence in Facebook after the data breach scandal.” “Our customers are on Instagram.” “People aren’t looking for jewelry on Facebook.” “We tried it and just didn’t work for us.”