Easy Street
Business owners love the old joke about wearing a lot of hats. That’s because it’s true. When you own a business, you’re in charge of everything. Sales. Employees. Payroll. Taking out the trash. Even marketing. Everybody is so damn busy – and THAT’s what makes marketing so hard for business owners! The Worst Part You’re
How much should you budget for marketing? It’s an age old question we’re going to be diving right into our next webinar. We’ll share with you industry research and benchmarks that may help you make a better decisions. You’ll also receive recommendations for different strategies (digital, old school, etc) and get a chance to get
As savvy business owners we’re always looking for new ways to make the highest possible impact at the lowest cost. Today, reviews aren’t just a way for people to give you feedback. They directly influence and either encourage or discourage new and future business. But we’re not talking about just any reviews, we’re talking Google
the big 3 for contractor marketing
It’s 2019… if you are a home services contractor and still struggling with Local SEO, it’s time for a change. The good news is, we’re here to help! And the help won’t cost you a DIME! Our FREE, 5 Step Local SEO Checklist: High Level Thinkers has been working with home services contractors for more

SEO Content Marketing for 2020

The goal of SEO is to get more people to your website from organic search results within search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and now DuckDuckGo. The question is, how do you do increase your online visibility headed into 2020? The answer is to create better content. What exactly is “better content”? In the 10+
Negative reviews can surprise, anger, and confuse in one fell swoop. How would you respond if someone spoke about you or your business like that in person? Word of mouth is no longer spoken, it’s typed behind the safety of a computer screen. So how do you respond and furthermore, how do you actually make
There’s no question that reviews are invaluable. Yelp itself can be extremely useful to businesses in the shopping, restaurant, and home services industries as these 3 categories are responsible for generating over 50% of the reviews posted. However, the pure and simple truth is that any website where people can review, recommend, or post about
As we grow older, we’re supposed to learn from our mistakes, right? Not repeat them. This year, Instagram has literally snuck up on everyone. Maybe it’s backlash from Facebook’s public scandal, or maybe it would have happened anyway. But whatever the reason, Instagram has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Remember when… Do
If your marketing isn’t working, do you know where the problem lies? Most people blame the medium – the marketing channel. “We tried (insert marketing effort here), and it hasn’t worked for us.” Maybe you’re focused on social media, Google Pay Per Click, email marketing, radio or even TV. Here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter
These days everybody (including me) is obsessed with lead generation via Facebook. And rightly so. It’s a game changer. But this year, I’ve found there’s an even more powerful use for Facebook that wasn’t there even last year. Got any idea what it might be? Facebook ads are an amazing way to fill your staffing