Embrace Negative Customer Reviews
You’re working hard to take care of your customers. To give them an upscale experience while they enjoy the benefits of your product or service. Customer feedback is usually great. 5 star reviews and “attaboys” all around. Then it happens – the scathing 1 star review! Maybe it’s a customer you can’t remember. Or a
commercial roofing
Every client wants maximum exposure. Top Google rankings. A big social media following. But why? Is it vanity? Sometimes. But not always. More often, I think it’s lack of understanding. Or at least a lack of battle scars. You see, all website traffic is not created equal. The same with leads. Especially when it comes

What Moves You?

Don’t you love it when life gives you a beautiful lesson about your business at the most unexpected times? It’s like the stars aligning to send you a message. My wife and I treated ourselves last weekend to a mini-retreat of Hawaiian LomiLomi massage and spiritual work.  Now, if you’re asking “what’s LomiLomi”, you’re not
High Level Thinking: Do you really want to save money?
I met with a potential client this past week who was nearing the end of a particularly bad marketing contract with a big, national vendor. You’d recognize the name. They talked about the things they’d like to do differently after their contract was up and what they’re looking for in a new vendor: More frequent
So, you think you have problems with marketing? What are you trying to sell? A product or service people can get a hundred other places? Something that other people sell way cheaper than you? New Orleans business leaders in the late 1800s would scoff. They wish they had your problems. The year is 1871. Our
Stubborn people choose it… Self employed people sign up for it… People with employees or staff sometimes get stuck in it… Life in an echo chamber. Some days it can be wonderful. Every idea sounds amazing. It’s especially problematic in marketing when most of the great ideas start with you. But not all of them

Hurry up and get your popcorn

What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? For me, hands down, it was the movie Signs with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix. The movie is about an alien invasion of earth which starts with crop circles near a humble farmer’s home. The adults aren’t sure what to make of the crop circles and are looking

Digital marketing for dummies

It happened to me again yesterday. My computer finally reached boss level for shutting off my wifi at inopportune times – like during a training video or while using GoToMeeting. I Googled how to fix the problem. I checked every setting I could find. Then I finally caved and called my IT person. He fixed
What image pops to mind when you think of your “to do” list? Your boss or clients impatiently tapping their feet waiting for you to get to them? A drill sergeant barking orders throughout the day? A kind and gentle personal assistant giving you those welcome reminders of what’s up next? An old friend you
I suspect your days are like mine. Super busy might not be a strong enough description. Family, kids, exercise, work, pets, inbox, text messages, Facebook, bills, oh and gotta remember to eat… In between all the stuff to do, you’re supposed to set aside some time to be creative and focus on your marketing. But