Everyone else is an idiot

Everyone else is an idiot
I’m standing in my unfinished pool house, looking at the plumbing for what feels like the thousandth time. The plumber glares as the 2 holes in the concrete for the toilet and water and asks me “Why didn’t they run the sewerage line out to the street?” I wish I knew. I’m not a contractor.
About 18 months ago we met with a client who was really frustrated with the agency they had hired for their web marketing. The client suspected the agency wasn’t doing much of anything for the monthly fees they were paying them so he asked a friend in the business to look over one of their
Many owners of upscale or high end businesses are trying to reach more customers. Marketing people usually sell reach. Or at least the promise of reach… One client recently was working with a vendor who was buying website traffic via Google AdWords but was frustrated with the types of leads they were getting. The client
Just about every prospect we talk to wants to know “what’s working” for upscale businesses this year as it relates to digital marketing. For the most part, our core strategies haven’t changed much.  Local SEO, pay per click, content marketing and social media remain mainstays of effectively running marketing campaigns for high end businesses. However,
Let’s face it – long term contracts suck, especially when you’re not getting what you expected. I see this ALL THE TIME with high end business owners, where they are stuck in a 12 month contract with a vendor that simply isn’t delivering what they promised in the sales pitch. If you’re stuck in this
I’ll admit it…for most of my life I’ve been lukewarm on country music. I just didn’t get it. Until recently. I took my 16 year old son to a Luke Bryan concert and was completely blown away. For 3 hours at the concert and another 3 hours on the way home I got the full