How We Help Clients Working with Business Coaches Achieve Record Growth By Finally Getting Digital Marketing Right

Your local upscale retail or service business could be doing an extra few million a year in sales.

Meaning, this year you could start enjoying MUCH more time on vacation. Heck, you might even buy an RV.

If... you finally figured out how to make digital marketing work together with your strategic business plan.

I know it’s possible. I’ve been helping clients do it for years.


Does this sound like you?

Are you a local or regional upscale business? Are you working with a business coach or consultant to grow your business?

Have you made significant investments in digital marketing, only to be disappointed by the results?

Does it feel overwhelming trying to develop a strategy which generates the results you need to hit your goals?

Do you want an agency who works with your business coach rather than feeling threatened?

Are there a million other things you could be doing rather than trying to learn the day to day nuances of digital marketing?

The Problem

The clients featured in this case study faced the same issues we encounter with most who are working with business coaches:


Tactics, Not Strategy

These clients were looking at tactics like Google Ads & social media individually rather than as part of their overall business strategy.


Lousy Ad Writing

They weren’t proud of their ads.  Their digital ads just didn’t sound “on-brand” or convey the USP they worked hard to develop.


Questionable Results

No matter what they did, these clients couldn’t seem to measure the impact of their digital efforts.Nothing was working as well as expected.


Help Wanted

These clients are talented people. But they aren’t experts in digital marketing. Eventually, they “hit the wall” from a results standpoint.

The Solution

Few digital marketing people like working with business coaches. But we do!

That’s why we helped them create a strategy that worked WITH their stratetic plan, not against it.

Gaining synergy led to BIG results.

Here’s how we did it:


Get Traffic Ready

A full audit of their digital marketing found numerous critical errors. We helped get the fundamentals right & outlined a strategy which complemented their traditional marketing with new tracking systems in place.


Increase Traffic

Increased website traffic from Google, Facebook & Instagram via paid advertising campaigns as well as stepped up content marketing efforts. The new ads “sounded” more on-brand & were better targeted for each platform.


Focus On Conversion

We implemented several strategies to increase conversion rates including remarketing, special offers & marketing automation to warm up potential customers. This included options to book a private consultation.

Your Path to Growth Starts Here

We've learned that well-managed digital ad campaigns on Google, Facebook & Instagram are the key to growing your local upscale business.

To get it right, you could:

  • Hire a full time copywriter
  • Hire a full time media buyer
  • Spend tens of thousands of dollars training your current staff & wait years for them to gain the necessary experience

Or, you could hire our small team of SENIOR level consultants & get better results. Faster.

Results - Client A
Upscale Kitchen Remodeler
Last 90 Days vs. Prior Year

Increase in Website Traffic

Increase in Organic Traffic

Increase in Leads

(695 leads in 3 months)

Total Number of Leads Over 90 Days: 695

Results - Client B
Upscale Lighting Retailer
Last 90 Days vs. Prior Year

Here are the website metrics:

A New, Old Way of Thinking

I'm a old-school thinker who happens to be in digital marketing.

The two don't always mix.

Today's marketing nerds trick you into thinking people are just leads on a report. It's not that simple.

We're humans. We make upscale purchase decisions with our hearts, then justify it with our brain.

In other words, it's an emotional decision we eventually rationalize.

I believe your marketing much reach upscale clients emotionally in order to work. Then, you can do the fancy stuff.

Andre Savoie

Andre' Savoie - Jewelry Marketing Specialist