Case Studies

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Please note - the company names are not provided to protect the privacy and strategy for these clients as some are in very competitive local markets & do not want their competitors seeing this kind of information.

You might think that just because a jeweler has multiple locations, they’ve got their marketing figured out. That is not always the case. The more locations you have, the more important it becomes to have consistent campaigns with consistent brand messages and merchandise focus running across all your different channels. That includes your website, social
Most good jewelers really enjoy creating custom engagement rings for their clients. The problem is, they usually sell just one of them. Not anymore… One of our clients sent us a picture of an incredible custom ring they created for a client. It featured a large center diamond surrounded by two beautiful blue sapphires. The
Almost every local jeweler we talk to LOVES selling custom jewelry – especially custom engagement rings. They’re a higher ticket item, and often a higher-end customer who wants something customized and appreciates good service and craftsmanship. It’s the kind of thing our clients do well with because they are great jewelers. One of our clients
One of the questions most clients want to know is: “How long will it take me to see results from my campaign?” One of our clients saw massive results right away. A customer came into the showroom and was looking at a REALLY big Anniversary Diamond for his wife. It turned into a $23k sale!
Jewelry Marketing
When it’s time to pop the question, celebrate an anniversary or even say you’re sorry, you want to get it right. That’s why people love their local jeweler. No matter what your client wants to say, you help them find the right diamond. Making people happy is in your DNA. But these days, more &
Here at High Level Thinkers, we LOVE working with clients that sell “fun”. Like water parks for instance! Water parks are like many other upscale brands in that their audience includes people with money. People who have discretionary income to entertain themselves or, in this case, their families. That’s why we love social media marketing
They had relied heavily on mass media to generate walk-in traffic, but needed to transition quickly to “by appointment only” and ecommerce sales without sacrificing their identity as a local business. We used their ad budget combined with careful messaging & social media ads to help these clients make the switch quickly, resulting in record