Client Results:

How we helped 3 different jewelers turn around their marketing to hit record months.

Client A: Second Year Jewelry Store Searching for Growth

The Problem:

Having been open a little over a year, the client needed to get the most out of their limited marketing budget as they focused on growth.

However, after running Google Ads for 6 months with little to no success, they finally reached out for help.

Our Solution:

Our audit revealed a number of opportunities to generate more engagement ring opportunities by streamlining their campaigns using our experience.

Additionally, we helped them develop a landing page for lab-grown diamonds & launch a Google Ads campaign to match.

The result? Record months using their same ad budget, allowing them to scale to a larger budget as they grew.

What Our Client Said:

"Massive ROI From High Level Thinkers..."

Client B: Third Generation Jewelry Store Looking To Grow

The Situation:

Our client had successfully used radio as their primary marketing strategy for years. But as digital marketing became more important, they were looking for help implementing strategies that would help them grow without abandoning what had worked for years.

Our Solution:

We helped design a strategy that worked together with their brand advertising to create a cohesive system for generating leads and nurturing clients until they were ready to visit the showroom.

The result? Massive lift in overall conversion rates and record months.

Client C: Third Generation Jewelry Store Looking to Scale

The Problem:

Our client had been running their own digital marketing ad campaigns for some time on Facebook & Google. He was actually doing pretty well.

The problem was, the best use of his time was running his sales floor and talking to customers rather than managing online campaigns.

Plus, he felt like there was more that could be done to optimize and scale the campaigns beyond what he knew how to do.

Our Solution:

Our initial audit confirmed what our client knew. His campaigns were good, but they could be great!

We re-tooled his campaigns on Google, Facebook & Instagram to help streamline his budgets towards the highest impact strategies, and tweak campaign setups for maximum ROI.

The result? Immediate increases in leads across the board.

Our Visionary CEO

I’ve been around upscale businesses my entire life. My Dad built high-end custom homes and for 12+ years we’ve worked exclusively with upscale clientele in digital marketing.

But 8 years ago, it happened. We landed our first jewelry client.

It was kind of like the moment when a bride-to-be finds that perfect stone & her eyes light up.

We were hooked. Marketing for jewelers makes us happy!

And, it fits our skill set perfectly.

We’re in this niche because we love it! We want to bring that joy and enthusiasm to your business!

Andre' Savoie - Jewelry Marketing

What Other Jewelers Have to Say

Robert Ramsey

Ramsey's Diamond Jewelers

We know our digital marketing is effective in creating sales, reaching new clients and keeps us connected with our current clients.

Roy H. Williams

International Best Selling Author & The Wizard of Ads

When it comes to digital marketing, you're as good as it gets.
Keep up the good work!

Melissa Jeffcoat

Quinn's Goldsmiths

We chose High Level Thinkers because of their experience in the jewelry industry.

Brad Gross

H.L. Gross & Bro.

Off to a terrific start. Andre' and his team has been quite impressive so far and out of the gate have improved our key metrics in social and ppc marketing. Recommend A+++

Jim R. Bretzel

Kesslers Diamonds

I am thrilled to recommend Andre' & the HLT team to anyone looking to take their digital marketing to the next level.


D & D Jewelry

Where several agencies have failed and hurt us, HLT has the tenacity to persist and help us succeed. You will be happy you chose them.