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If you’ve already purchased a Hubspot software license, or you’re interested in finding out more about how Hubspot can help generate leads for your business, we can help.

High Level Thinkers has offices in New Orleans & Washington DC. Our team has 4+ years experience with the Hubspot platform helping businesses just like yours maximize their investment in the platform. If you're looking for an agency to make Hubspot work for you, you've found us!

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Our Hubspot Implementation Services

Most of our Hubspot clients fall into one of three areas in the beginning:

Before learning about Hubspot, we like to educate potential clients on the inbound marketing methodology. Hubspot software is built on the concept of inbound marketing and was created to make running an inbound campaign easier and more effective by bundling all the tools you need in one place.

The whole concept of inbound marketing is quite different than traditional marketing, and incorporates elements of search marketing, content creation, lead capturing and marketing automation.

We use Hubspot as a tool to manage inbound marketing campaigns for our clients in order to generate more leads and sales.

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Hubspot is marketing automation software which has a comprehensive tool suite designed to improve the results of inbound marketing campaigns. It includes a reporting dashboard, website content management system, lead capture tools, marketing automation, lead scoring and much more depending on which license you purchase.

Generally speaking, we recommend Hubspot for clients who:

  • Are relatively new to inbound marketing but are ready to invest in a proven marketing system that generates leads and sales;
  • Are already investing in inbound marketing and want to get a better return on investment or incorporate new elements such as blogging, email marketing, lead capture or marketing automation.

When is Hubspot NOT a good fit?

Most commonly, the biggest issue which prevents clients from going with Hubspot software is their budget. Hubspot license fees run from $200 - $2,400 a month not including agency fees. So if you are trying to generate leads on a limited budget, we may recommend other strategies.

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We get it, running an inbound marketing campaign is tough, not to mention time consuming. That’s why High Level Thinkers works with clients who have already purchased a Hubspot license but have not been able to devote the time or resources necessary to make Hubspot work for them.

If you’re already a Hubspot client but don’t have the time, expertise or resources to manage the software on your own, we can help.

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