Jewelry Marketing Mini-Workshop

Attract Better Clientele by Developing Your Brand Message

When: Tuesday, January 10th at 11 am CST

Local jewelry retailers - here's a resolution that will help you grow in 2023:

Refining your brand message will help you attract more of the clientele you want.

I believe that too many jewelers try to sound like someone else, whether that's a local competitor or the bigger online companies - rather than focusing on what you believe and why customers should choose you as their trusted jeweler.

Join us for this free Mini-Workshop where we'll help you develop your AUTHENTIC brand message - one that will attract the kind of clientele you want into your showroom in 2023!

Event Info:

Tuesday, January 10th at 11 am CST

Note: there WILL be a replay if you are unable to attend live. Please register to receive the replay.

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Jewelry Marketing Expertise

Does your digital marketing company know the difference between an earth mined and man made diamond? We do!

If you are a buyer, marketing manager or store owner and looking for someone who understands the intricacies of jewelry marketing, you've come to the right place! It's our primary area of focus!

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We know our digital marketing is effective in creating sales, reaching new clients and keeps us connected with our current clients.