How We Helped 2 Local Jewelry Retailers Get an 88% & 165% Increase in Leads & Post Record Sales Using Social Media Ads to Drive Appointments & Ecommerce

(in just 90 days)

Jewelry Marketing

When it's time to pop the question, celebrate an anniversary or even say you're sorry, you want to get it right.


That's why people love their local jeweler. No matter what your client wants to say, you help them find the right diamond. Making people happy is in your DNA.


But these days, more & more jewelers are unhappy with the results they're getting from their marketing. Here's why...




😷What used to take place face to face, always with a handshake, sometimes with a hug, now takes place over the phone, Zoom or from behind a mask.

📢Mass media was their "go to" before. Now, they needed a more nimble approach with their message & reach. Radio & TV ads took too long to create & change.

👍Digital usage skyrocketed. Their in-house team had tried social media ads in the past with nothing to show for results. Valuable ad budget was being wasted.

📅They needed to sell the value of "virtual" appointments without killing showroom traffic or sounding like the online competition.

Our team implemented a 4 part strategy to address these issues:

Step 1 - Launch a whole new message

How do you go "digital" without losing your local identity?

Re-frame the whole jewelry shopping experience.

Start shopping online. We'll help you decide in a private appointment. Try it on when you pick it up to make sure you love it. It's a powerful combination only local jewelers can offer.

Step 2 - Setup "warm audience" marketing

Most jewelers do an "OK" job staying in touch with past clients.  We helped them step this up to a whole new level.

We helped clients implement a cross-channel approach to spreading their new message across every digital platform they had. And, their email list starting receiving ads on social media which created a huge surge in leads.

Step 3 - Get serious about social media advertising

Most clients maintained presence on mass media, but had tried & failed with under-budgeted social media ads on Facebook & Instagram.

These clients dedicated more budget to social media ads, but needed guidance to run them properly to avoid the mistakes of the past. Having the right strategy & guidance completely changed their results.

Step 4 - Implement new conversion strategies

We helped these clients make key changes to their advertising & websites as well as implemented follow up marketing with their email list, social media audiences and website visitors. 

The shift in messaging resulted in record numbers of booked appointments and record revenue numbers.

Results - Client A
Single-Location Upscale Jeweler
Last 90 Days vs. Prior Year

Increase in Location Page Visits

Increase in Online Purchases

Increase in Leads

Here are the website metrics:

Results - Client B
Multi-Location Upscale Jeweler
Last 90 Days vs. Prior Year

Here are the website metrics:

The REAL Result? The one the owners cared about?

These jewelers reaped record sales & profits due to implementing these strategies quickly & with the proper guidance. They also now have a streamlined model as they head into the holiday season.

Services We Provided

Our Team Provided the Overall Strategy & Implementation for

  • Changes to their core message
  • Budget recommendations
  • Social media advertising (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Google Ads
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Email marketing

About Us

We help local, upscale jewelry retailers create more qualified in-store opportunities by leveraging digital marketing opportunities in their market.

Our clients typically have a buyer or social media person in-house, but are looking for expertise when it comes to driving traffic and revenue using digital marketing.


Your Path to Growth Starts Here

We've learned that well-managed digital ad campaigns on Google, Facebook & Instagram are the key to growing your local retail jewelry store.

To get it right, you could:

  • Hire a full time copywriter
  • Hire a full time media buyer
  • Spend tens of thousands of dollars training your current staff & wait years for them to gain the necessary experience

Or, you could hire our small team of SENIOR level consultants & get better results. Faster.

The Simple, 3 Step

High Level Thinkers Marketing Plan


Traffic Ready

Refine your message & digital properties.


Increase Reach

Drive more qualified website traffic.



Turn more website visitors into leads.

Using Our Superpowers for Jewelers!

I’ve been around upscale businesses my entire life. My Dad built high-end custom homes and for 12+ years we’ve worked exclusively with upscale clientele in digital marketing.

But a few years ago, it happened. We landed our first jewelry client.

It was kind of like the moment when a bride-to-be finds that perfect stone & her eyes light up.

We were hooked. Marketing for jewelers makes us happy!

And, it fits our skill set perfectly.

Plus, the jewelry clients we’ve met are great, relationship-oriented people.

We’re in this niche because we love it! We want to bring that joy and enthusiasm to your business!

Andre Savoie

Andre' Savoie - Jewelry Marketing Specialist