Inbound Marketing for Attorneys & Law Firms

Law firms are quickly realizing that they simply can’t get by without a solid web presence and inbound digital marketing strategy.

Traditionally, attorneys and law firms focused their marketing efforts on printed media advertising, on the radio, on television, or even networking at local events.

Fast forward to today, and most law practices are investing heavily in inbound digital marketing. Why? Because it works.

High Level Thinkers offers customized inbound marketing programs for attorneys and law firms throughout the US in a variety of niches from family law to tax law and everything in between. Contact us for a free consultation.

Legal Marketing Experience

At High Level Thinkers, we have extensive experience implementing inbound marketing for the legal field in a number of practice areas including:

  • Family law (divorce, custody, child support, etc.)
  • Estate planning
  • Personal injury
  • Real estate
  • Immigration
  • ESI

An Alternative to the Legal Marketing Giants

The majority of our law clients come to us after experiencing frustration with one of the legal marketing giants.

We’ve heard it all...they held the website hostage, didn’t care about our account, provided impersonal service, made us work with junior associates, constantly switched our account manager, didn’t provide any ongoing activity, or simply didn’t get us good results.

High Level Thinkers is a smaller firm with extensive experience in the legal marketing field. We get to know our clients and their practice, and build a strategy to help them develop new clients using inbound marketing.

Our Approach

High Level Thinkers follows a proven approach with legal clients. Those core strategies include:

  • Digital Marketing Audit
  • A content rich practice website with mobile responsive design
  • Pay per click, display & retargeting ads
  • Creation of downloadable premium content
  • Social media participation
  • Clearly identifying your ideal target clientele
  • Lead capture & nurturing strategy
  • Active blogging with original, professionally written content
  • Content promotion
  • Tracking & reporting

Contact us today to start planning your inbound marketing strategy, and you can get back to focusing on what you do best.

Still not sure if inbound marketing is the way to go? A survey of law firms conducted by Avvo and LexBlog in 2012 concluded the following:


of these companies aimed to increase their marketing spend.


spend up to ¾ of their marketing budgets in online marketing.

Over half

use social media platforms as a way to grow their business.

Over half

follow and read blogs in their field to improve their own development.

The Times They Are a Changing

We pursue these opportunities for our clients by leveraging our experience in the industry including:

  • We understand the challenging world that lawyers and law firms operate in and the challenges they face.
  • We have experience when it comes to compliance issues.
  • We understand the challenges involved in deciding on where marketing dollars should be spent. We can help you make an informed decision.
  • We understand the need for quality as well as the accuracy of content in the legal field.
  • We provide a friendly, hands-on approach, unlike the impersonal service you would receive from large marketing firms.