How We Helped 3 Local Retailers Post Record Months Using Social Media Ads by Switching to Appointment-only & Ecommerce

(in just 90 days)

Our local retail clients were reeling after COVID. They had relied heavily on mass media to generate walk-in traffic, but needed to transition quickly to “by appointment only” and ecommerce sales without sacrificing their identity as a local business.

We used their ad budget combined with careful messaging & social media ads to help these clients make the switch quickly, resulting in record months within 90 days.





Mass media served these clients well for many years. However, post-COVID, they needed a more nimble approach with their message & reach. Radio & TV ads took too long to create & change.

Plus, they needed to start scheduling appointments to manage staffing & maintain good safety protocols. They needed local sales, but the traditional way of doing things was suddenly gone.

Our Team Implemented a 4 Part Strategy to Address these Issues

Step 1: Shift to a brand new message

For years, these clients used “visit our showroom” as their primary call to action.

We quickly helped them shift to “Shop Online” & “Schedule a Private Consultation” across their entire marketing platforms.

Step 2: Offer ecommerce, but sell appointments

We believe that the expertise local retailers offer is the big reason they succeed in spite of fierce online competition. That’s why we encouraged these clients to offer ecommerce, but emphasize appointments & private consultations.

Offering the convenience of online shopping, free shipping or curbside pickup with the high-touch service of a private consultation is a powerful combination.

Step 3 - Shift budgets to social media advertising

Most clients maintained some presence on mass media, but shifted a good portion of their budget towards social media advertising on Facebook & Instagram.


Because you can reach similar numbers of people on social media, but with a much more customized message. You can also leverage tools that support the overall strategy.

However, NONE of this would be possible without a healthy ad budget.

Step 4 - Schedule appointments online

We helped each of these clients run special ads to their email lists, social fans & website visitors announcing the new services. We also emphasized the value of private appointments & the conveniences of online shopping.

The shift in messaging resulted in record numbers of booked appointments.

Results - Client A
Multi-Location Upscale Jeweler
Last 90 Days vs. Prior Year

Results - Client B
Multi-Location Upscale Jeweler
Last 90 Days vs. Prior Year

Results - Client C
Multi-Location Upscale Furniture
Last 90 Days vs. Prior Year

These clients reaped record sales & profits due to implementing these strategies quickly & with the proper guidance. They also now have a streamlined model as they head into the holiday season.

Services We Provided

Our Team Provided the Overall Strategy & Implementation for

  • Changes to their core message
  • Budget recommendations
  • Social media advertising (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Google Ads
  • Email marketing

We help local, upscale retailers create more qualified in-store opportunities by leveraging digital marketing opportunities in their market.