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High Level Thinkers represents a lifetime of learning.

As a child, I watched my parents build upscale houses that were higher quality but also more expensive than other new homes in the local market. Then, as a young adult in the mortgage business, I worked for a company that was priced a bit more than everyone else but delivered a great experience.

So, of course, my experience in digital marketing has led us to specialize in working with clients who sell an upscale product or service.

It's just how we think!

Originally founded as WSI New Orleans in 2007, High Level Thinkers serves as a Digital Marketing Mentor to Upscale Businesses. Read on to meet our team!

Our Team

Andre’ Savoie

Digital Marketing Mentor

I'm a writer by trade. I've spent my entire life marketing and selling stuff that was more expensive (but way better) and continue to do so today in digital marketing. My specialty is helping businesses refine their message and reach more people so they can increase their leads and grow their business using digital marketing. I'm certified with Google AdWords, Hubspot, WSI and a Graduate of The Wizard of Ads Academy.

Gary Levine

Internet Marketing Consultant

Gary is a Certified Internet Marketing Consultant with extensive skills and experience in search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), pay per click (PPC) management, web strategy development, website design and development. Gary brings years of experience in executive management to each client he works with. His areas of specialty include business analysis and planning, as well as search engine marketing. He is a member of the WSI Executive Council and President’s Club as a top 25 franchisee.

Roslynne Levine

Internet Marketing Consultant

Roz is an Internet Marketing Consultant responsible for guiding clients in their use of search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), pay per click (PPC) management, web strategy development, website design and development. As a Partner in the WSI franchise in McLean, Virginia, Ms. Levine works with the staff to make sure our clients get the best guidance and services available for the internet phase of their business. Ms. Levine has a long and successful resume in sales and marketing with firms including Western Union and MCI.

Christina Pontifis

Business Development

Christina is passionate about connecting with others about what truly matters. She specializes in developing deep, impactful relationships with top-tier entrepreneurs who are absolutely committed to growing their business to achieve long term results.

Jessica Kennedy

Account Manager

Jessica blends her extensive experience and background in sales and marketing with a love of technology as content editor. She works closely with the client to develop content in the form of blogs, website pages and social media postings offering an easy, seamless experience for everyone.

Krista Bickley

Account Manager

Krista is a recent transplant from the weirdo capital of the world Austin, TX. After attaining a degree in Business Marketing, she pounced on any marketing projects within reach and instantly fell in love with the way Digital/Social Media humanizes companies and facilitates the business to consumer relationship. Krista is genuinely passionate and excited to spread the word about the latest, most beneficial products, technology and services. With a mind for business and an undying creative soul, she has found a true home with WSI.

Hillary Hall

Account Manager

I'm a high-energy multi-tasker, with experience working with multiple clients and a variety of deadlines, and managing surprises or changes on the fly. An excellent writer with a good understanding of brand voice, I also have a good understanding of creating strategy using available resources.

Josh Wolf

Graphic Designer, Web Programmer

Josh is a Web Project Manager who combines his knowledge of website design and development with organizational skills to shepherd website projects from inception to completion. Josh is a trained digital media artist and web developer who has launched hundreds of websites in his career.

Charmaine Centeno

Graphic Artist

Henry M. Ticong Jr.


Henry keeps everything running and brings extensive skills with open source programming in open source programs including WordPress. Henry is skilled in PHP, ASPX and HTML and supports clients as a webmaster with website updates, theme creation, content management and hosting issues.

Find Out What Our Clients Are Saying...

Laurie M.
PROFESSIONAL, RELIABLE, OUTSTANDING CUSTONER RELATIONS I WOULD ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND ANDRE AND THE WSI TEAM for anyone looking to expand and grow their company. Andre really makes you feel comfortable and is willing to go the extra mile to understand and learn your business to help promote and keep your company in front of many potential customers. He has been a pleasure to work with for the past year. I look forward to the coming years!!

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