About Us

High Level Thinkers (operating previously as WSI New Orleans & WSI Web Mark in McLean, VA for the last 15 years), is a digital marketing firm serving upscale clients in the jewelry, entertainment, retail & law niches.

We maintain all the important industry certifications, but what probably matters MOST to YOU, the CLIENT is:


years experience working with clients just like you


verified 5 star reviews


years - how long clients stay with us (on average)

A Different Path to Success

Everybody promises the same things in digital marketing. Build your website. Increase your rankings. Get more leads.

Blah, blah, blah.

We take a different approach… try this on for size!

We call it "The High Level Thinkers Contract"

  • Don't do ANYTHING without the right message
  • Get the FUNDAMENTALS right before doing the fancy stuff
  • Track EVERYTHING for results
  • Stay in touch REGULARLY
  • PROACTIVELY test new technology & ideas
  • Work ONLY with senior associates
  • Stick to strategies WE USE in our own business

Meet Our Team

Andre’ Savoie

Jewelry & Premium Brands

I'm a writer by trade. I've spent my entire life marketing and selling stuff that was more expensive (but way better) and continue to do so today in digital marketing. My specialty is helping businesses refine their message and reach more people so they can increase their leads and grow their business using digital marketing. I'm certified with Google Ads, Hubspot, High Level Thinkers and am a Graduate of The Wizard of Ads Academy.

Krista Bickley

Agency Director

Krista is a transplant from the weirdo capital of the world: Austin, TX. The only thing Krista loves more than good meme is a great pun. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she excels at digital marketing. Krista is great at what she does, so we made her Agency Director!

Roslynne Levine

Internet Marketing Consultant

Roz is an Internet Marketing Consultant responsible for guiding clients in their use of search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), pay per click (PPC) management, web strategy development, website design and development. As a Partner in the High Level Thinkers franchise in McLean, Virginia, Ms. Levine works with the staff to make sure our clients get the best guidance and services available for the internet phase of their business. Ms. Levine has a long and successful resume in sales and marketing with firms including Western Union and MCI.

Gary Levine

Legal Marketing

Gary is a Certified Internet Marketing Consultant with extensive skills and experience in search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), pay per click (PPC) management, web strategy development, website design and development. Gary brings years of experience in executive management to each client he works with. His areas of specialty include business analysis and planning, as well as search engine marketing. He is a member of the High Level Thinkers Executive Council and President’s Club as a top 25 franchisee.

Josh Wolf

Graphic Designer, Web Programmer

Josh is a Web Project Manager who combines his knowledge of website design and development with organizational skills to shepherd website projects from inception to completion. Josh is a trained digital media artist and web developer who has launched hundreds of websites in his career.

Ashley Roe

Content & Social Media

Ashley is a writer by trade & driven by her creative spirit to help your message get the attention it deserves. She loves to create all kinds of content for website & social media.

Henry M. Ticong Jr.


Henry keeps everything running and brings extensive skills with open source programming in open source programs including WordPress. Henry is skilled in PHP, ASPX and HTML and supports clients as a webmaster with website updates, theme creation, content management and hosting issues.

Jun Ligaya

Web Designer & Developer

I love to design things.. it's as simple as that. I'm always looking to express words & ideas with images & graphics that tell the visual version of your story.

Our Locations

Mandeville, LA Office:

111 Camellia Drive, Covington LA 70433



McLean, VA Office:

7915 Jones Branch Drive, #212 McLean, VA 22102



Let’s figure this out.