Case Studies

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Please note - the company names are not provided to protect the privacy and strategy for these clients as some are in very competitive local markets & do not want their competitors seeing this kind of information.

$50k Jobs are No Longer Unusual

Nothing drives home improvement contractors crazier than low-quality leads. What do I mean? Getting leads in who are shopping prices, looking for one thing they could potentially get at a box store, or pitting 2-3 contractors against each other in the bidding process.   Better Quality Leads = Higher Average Tickets One of our kitchen
Home improvement contractors usually know 1 important metric – how far out are their crews booked? One recent client of ours told us they went from being booked out for about a week, which made scheduling and payroll nerve-wracking, to being booked out for 2 solid months. This massive change comes after just one month
Setting a record in year sales is no easy feat, especially given the up-and-down economy everyone has faced in 2023. In order to have a great water park season, you need lots and lots of teenagers to apply for staff jobs while school is still in session. You need parents and grandparents to buy tickets.

Results Through The Roof

Client: Commercial Roofing Contractor. Challenge This commercial roofing contractor had traditionally relied on networking and word-of-mouth referrals for their business. However, they recognized the need to expand their reach and generate leads through digital marketing. To achieve this, they hired us to embark on a comprehensive strategy that included website redevelopment and launching paid ad

Marketing That Made A Splash

Client: A Pool Building Company Challenge Our client had been relying on traditional advertising methods and direct sales representatives in networking groups to generate business. However, they recognized the need for a total brand overhaul and a modernized digital marketing strategy to position themselves as the premier custom pool builder in their market. Their outdated
Client: An independent air conditioning contractor in Jacksonville, FL Challenge: Our client had traditionally relied on word-of-mouth referrals and traditional advertising methods, such as signage at local little league fields. However, they recognized the need to expand their reach and modernize their marketing efforts to stay competitive in the digital age. They sought assistance in

Being The Best In Pest Control

Client: Pest control company in Baton Rouge, LA Challenge: The pest control company had a strong customer base in their home market of Baton Rouge but faced challenges when expanding into two new markets. They struggled with competition and acquiring business in these new areas. Strategy: Digital Marketing Expansion The company recognized the need to
Client: Tree Services In New Orleans, LA Challenge: One local arborist had always relied on word of mouth for their tree services, but their second location had no local recognition. They needed a digital marketing strategy to help grow their presence and generate more leads for the second location. Strategy: 1. Website Improvement: Worked closely
One of our local jewelers asked us to PROVE what worked best: Pictures of jewelry on it’s own, or pictures of jewelry on models. In other words: People or Stuff? The result of the test? A 165% increase in leads! Find out how better ad creative & images led to a massive increase in traffic,
Jewelers often want to know what their ROI is going to be from working with us. Listen as Scott from Kimberly Scott Creations talks about his experience during the first few months of working together: Get a Free Strategy Session