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2022 Jewelry Ecom Conference Speaker

Listen in as Andre’ Savoie presents insightful tactics for ecommerce jewelers based on what works well for local jewelers in his session for this year’s 2022 Jewelry Ecommerce Conference organized by Here is a description of the presentation: Local jewelers took a page out of the ecom playbook thanks to COVID. Now it’s time
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Jewelers of America 2021 National Conversion Presentation How to Use Social Media to Drive Business (taught by Andre’ Savoie) Struggling to see the results you want from your social media campaigns? You are not alone. Find out why a “one-size-fits-all” social media strategy doesn’t work for jewelers anymore. In this session, we’ll show you how
Jewelers of America Digital Academy From Social Media to Sale – Generate a Steady Flow of Loyal Customers (taught by Andre’ Savoie) Find out how local, independent jewelers are using social media to generate confirmed private appointments to purchase engagement & anniversary rings and other fine jewelry through advertising. Rather than one-off sales, they become
Jewelry Ecomm Magazine The #1 Reasons Marketing Campaigns Fail (by Andre’ Savoie) There are a lot of excuses people give as to why their marketing isn’t working. However, it really comes down to one thing. Read this article from our CEO Andre’ Savoie as he shares the #1 reasons jewelry marketing campaigns fail: Read More
What’s the Point of Facebook Ads if You Can’t Track Online Sales?
Southern Jewelry News Introducing: Discovery Commerce (by Andre’ Savoie) A major shift in consumer behavior impacting local jewelers is happening right before our eyes. And it’s probably not the one you’re thinking. Read More About Discovery Commerce
Southern Jewelry News Why Social Media Ads Are So Effective (by Andre’ Savoie) Want to get better results from your social media campaigns? Find out what Andre’ Savoie shares about why social media ads are so effective for jewelers when done correctly. Read More
Southern Jewelry News Tracking Social Media Results (by Andre’ Savoie) Jewelers – what’s the best way to track results from digital marketing? Read More
Do Facebook Ads Really Work for Jewelry Retailers
Southern Jewelry News How to profitably shift into the new normal of online sales (by Andre’ Savoie) The pandemic forced local retailers to quickly make the transition into ecommerce without losing their identity as a local retailer. It’s not an easy task. Ecom seems so simple. So, why is it proving so hard for local
Southern Jewelry News The 3 Best Kept Secrets in Jewelry Marketing (by Andre’ Savoie) Over the last few years I’ve noticed many good jewelers are missing 3 key elements in their digital marketing. The scary thing is that these are 3 of the MOST IMPORTANT strategies there are. Hands down. Read More
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Jewelers of America Digital Academy No Social (Media) Distancing Required (taught by Krista Bickley) Knowing how important it is to stay connected with customers while faced with the challenges of COVID-19, many retailers are stepping up to take on the challenge of doing their own digital marketing. Watch as our own Krista Bickley takes you