5 Step Local SEO Checklist for Home Services Contractors

It’s 2021… if you are a home services contractor and still struggling with Local SEO, it’s time for a change.

The good news is, we’re here to help! And the help won’t cost you a DIME!

Our FREE, 5 Step Local SEO Checklist:

High Level Thinkers has been working with home services contractors for more than 10 years. During that time, we have developed a proprietary system for helping contractors rank in local search results.

And now, we’re GIVING you that checklist!

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Website Checklist
  • Local SEO settings & Content “must haves”
  • Lead Capture & Nurturing Essentials
  • How to Build Customer Reviews
Are you a Home Services Contractor who needs more leads from your website? Download our step-by-step checklist and discover how to improve your local SEO today!

Is Local SEO “Enough”?

If you’re an A/C contractor, roofer, pest control operator or any other type of home services contractor, your local search visibility is just too important to leave to chance.

Sure, you can build a Facebook audience or run ads there for lead generation. But at the end of the day, contractors live and die by their local search results because when people are ready to find a roofer, they head over to Google!

Here’s a graphic we picked up from a training course at Digital Marketer. It perfectly explains what today’s digital landscape looks like. If you’re a contractor, I can guess where your eye goes…

Don’t Overthink It!

the big 3 for contractor marketing

So sure, you can put videos on YouTube and work hard at Facebook, but until you fix your Google problems, it’s not going to do much for your bottom line.

Still Having Trouble Finding Consistent, Good-Quality Leads?

One of the main problems if you are you a handyman or contractor is finding good quality leads and moving them through your sales funnel… especially if you’re going to break the cycle of up & down months or relying on “word of mouth”.

Sure, creating a pipeline or funnel is a part of the business, but it is not likely the part that you love. However, without an ongoing system for generating leads, your business will never grow to the size you want.  

Nowadays, finding local clients isn’t restricted to traditional methods like radio or TV, advertising on your car with a wrapper, running ads in the newspaper or mailing out direct mail flyers.

You can reach a wider audience, more efficiently, through digital marketing. We are the experts in making the most of the opportunities available through the internet, your website and the use of local SEO tactics.

Download our free guide now to get the Checklist so you can grow your home services business

Confused About Digital Marketing?

We get it… digital marketing is not easy for everyone. After all, we can’t install our own roof! 

It is common to be confused when it comes to digital marketing because there is a lot of jargon getting thrown around (just like in your business).  

Some common questions we hear are:

What is a bounce rate?  

Why do I need to worry about SEO?  

How in the heck am I supposed to know what a meta tag is?   

How much time do I need to spend on social media or Facebook?  

Our Solution: Become a High Level Thinker!

Instead of trying to solve all of your marketing problems in one shot, start by solving the one that has the greatest impact.

That’s what being a High Level Thinker is all about!

In this case, it’s solving your Google problems so you have better local SEO.

That’s where our checklist comes in.

It starts with your website. We’ll give you the list of what you need AND what you don’t. This includes the conversion elements you need on your site AND the content you need in order to rank well.

Then, the checklist moves to how to capture leads & nurture them until they’re ready to become customers.

And of course, we have a checklist for developing those all important customer reviews on Google since people will Google search your name after visiting your site to see what others think about your company!

It’s a proven blueprint that you can print off, check and follow, and it works time and time again.  We use this checklist internally on projects, so we’re not holding anything back.

Don’t wait another day struggling to find local clients. Get the checklist… you’ll be glad you did.

Or, if you’re the type of person who’d rather hire someone to get it done rather than fooling around with DIY, we can help with that too!

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