Negative reviews can surprise, anger, and confuse in one fell swoop. How would you respond if someone spoke about you or your business like that in person? Word of mouth is no longer spoken, it’s typed behind the safety of a computer screen. So how do you respond and furthermore, how do you actually make
There’s no question that reviews are invaluable. Yelp itself can be extremely useful to businesses in the shopping, restaurant, and home services industries as these 3 categories are responsible for generating over 50% of the reviews posted. However, the pure and simple truth is that any website where people can review, recommend, or post about
As we grow older, we’re supposed to learn from our mistakes, right? Not repeat them. This year, Instagram has literally snuck up on everyone. Maybe it’s backlash from Facebook’s public scandal, or maybe it would have happened anyway. But whatever the reason, Instagram has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Remember when… Do
If your marketing isn’t working, do you know where the problem lies? Most people blame the medium – the marketing channel. “We tried (insert marketing effort here), and it hasn’t worked for us.” Maybe you’re focused on social media, Google Pay Per Click, email marketing, radio or even TV. Here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter
These days everybody (including me) is obsessed with lead generation via Facebook. And rightly so. It’s a game changer. But this year, I’ve found there’s an even more powerful use for Facebook that wasn’t there even last year. Got any idea what it might be? Facebook ads are an amazing way to fill your staffing
GDPR has been all over the news lately. The official start date is May 25th. It’s a HUGE deal across the pond, but in the US, we’re just watching. However, we went through this a few years ago with Google security, and I guarantee you the policy will filter into the US sooner rather than
It’s the first quarter of 2018 and the skepticism surrounding social media’s effectiveness as a marketing tool has never been higher – save for when Facebook and Twitter were in their infancies. It’s unfamiliar for social media platforms to find themselves so low on marketers’ list of go-to tactics, but it’s not completely surprising. Facebook’s
According to the GDPR
The buzz about the European Union’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is gathering steam as the date of enforcement, i.e., May 25th, 2018, draws close. One of the much-discussed elements of this law is the new guidelines it has laid down for data controllers and processors. While the GDPR retains some of the obligations
Every single business owners prospect I’ve talked to in the last 10 years wants the same thing… they want to feel like they have a handle on digital marketing. The conversation always starts with something like this… Where do I start? How do I know if it’s working? How do we implement such and such? How
People get all bumfuzzled when Donald Trump starts talking. Some people love him so much that they don’t actually listen to what he says… Others so revile Trump that they don’t listen either.. But if you set the politics and emotion aside for just a few minutes, you’ll probably realize that there’s something that you